White-Label Mobile Digital Wallet

Fintech and non-banking companies might grow 20% for the next four years, which poses a threat and competition to traditional banks. To stay resilient and avoid losing clients, banks should start providing digital financial services, such as setting up a digital wallet.

Finhost is a company that offers white-label mobile wallet solutions for your banking or fintech startup idea. We are developers, business analysts, and designers with more than five years of experience in fintech development. Gain a competitive edge and confidence with our secure white-label digital wallet software. Contact us now to stop losing your clients or acquire new ones.

White-Label Mobile Digital Wallet

About our digital wallet software

The Finhost white-label digital wallet platform is convenient for you and your clients.

  • Use analytics to improve your service

    Get insightful metrics with analytics and reports system. Detect the defects, automate tasks and improve your services.

    Use analytics to improve your service
  • In-Product CRM

    The built-in CRM saves time, costs and reduces repetitive work. Explore the behaviour patterns of your clients, adjust the marketing strategy, increase customer satisfaction and achieve more loyalty.

     In-Product CRM
  • Lead your business efficiently

    Due to the intuitive UX design of the white-label wallet admin back office, it’s easy to view and collect information for each team member. Understand which tasks should be prioritised and increase the productivity of your staff.

    Lead your business efficiently
  • Don’t worry about heavy loads

    Our cloud-based digital wallet software endures millions of users simultaneously. Replace your old software with a system that operates on AWS without failures. Due to resilient cloud servers you don’t have to miss a working day and make clients wait.

    Don’t worry about heavy loads
  • Prepared integration with bank providers

    Finhost has already arranged integration with different bank providers to save your time. The software has flexible APIs, which allows you to expand the list of integrations quickly and easily.

    Prepared integration with bank providers
  • Engagement model that suits your needs

    Tell us about your needs, and we will tailor a cooperation model that will benefit your project. The pricing system is flexible. Book a call with us to discuss your budget, business goals and objectives to get an individual offer.

    Engagement model that suits your needs
  • Don’t commit until you are ready to

    We offer the demo version of the digital wallet white-label solution. Try our services with basic settings before buying. Afterward, we will brand the product for you.

    Don’t commit until you are ready to

Our Digital Wallet Platform Modules

Our white-label mobile wallet has many individual configurable modules for creating the solution you need.

  • KYC security system

    KYC security system

    Earn more credibility with strong product security. We integrate the KYC system to protect your financial institution from fraud, money laundering and other threats. Always be aware of the transaction's nature, get alerts about suspicious activity and qualify the source of funds.

  • Tailored fees and limits

    Tailored fees and limits

    With digital payment technology, you can make more sales and provide better financial services to your clients. Customise fees and limits for various operations to increase your net income.

  • Double Entry Accounting

    Double Entry Accounting

    With Double Entry principles, you will get real accounting, not just numbers in a database.

  • Multicurrency accounts

    Multicurrency accounts

    Our white-label mobile wallet supports UK local, SWIFT and SEPA payments. Provide your clients with a borderless transaction experience.

  • Instant P2P payments

    Instant P2P payments

    Release your clients from unnecessary waiting with the help of P2P digital payment technology.

Why should you choose Finhost?

  • Gain confidence with 100% security

    We guarantee the maximum security of our white-label digital wallet. Protect your business from fraud and a bad reputation.

  • Flexible and tailored solutions

    Our white-label digital wallet platform has separate modules that can be customised according to your business needs.

  • Don’t spend more than needed

    Constantly growing our knowledge and applying the newest technology to our white-label wallet solution. We use AWS, Node.js, Typescript, React.js, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, ES, AWS Glue/Athena, which work efficiently and save your money.

  • Demo version

    Get you a free demo version of our services. Prove the concept with basic configurations and make a decision later.

  • We are there for you

    Finhost managers and the development team make sure the product works seamlessly after the release.

Our white-label mobile digital wallet solution use cases

  • Cloud White Label Neobank Platform

  • Corporate banking software

Embark on a digital bank journey with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I request the demo version of your white-label wallet solution?

    Yes, follow the link and enter the name and logo of your company. During the demo version you will have access to basic configurations of the software. We’re here to help and answer any questions you might have.

  • Which technologies do you use in white-label digital wallet solution?

    We use AWS, Node.js, Typescript, React.js, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, ES, AWS Glue/Athena, and other technologies.

  • How much will I spend setting up a digital wallet?

    Our pricing model is flexible and adjusts to your budget limits. Discuss the project details with our manager, such as deadlines, hiring needs, scale, etc., and we will assemble a proposition for you.

  • What does your white-label digital wallet include?

    For clients:
    KYC Verification
    Authentication with FaceID / TouchID
    GBP Bank Accounts
    Internal payments
    UK local transfer
    Transparent Fees

    For you:
    Double entry accounting
    Prepared integrations with BaaS providers
    High Availability and Scalability
    Convenient back office with intuitive UX design
    Flexible Fee System
    KYC management with third party providers
    AML – Transaction monitoring
    Administrators/Compliance management
    Two-Factor Authentication

  • Can you create a web or mobile banking app from zero?

    The development of a banking app has many pitfalls, so it’s best to choose a vendor who has experience in fintech. Here at Finhost we know all the smallest details about banking apps and can create one for web or mobile environments from scratch. Why not choose any software development company for such a task? One: because most likely you will spend more than needed. And two: creation of a banking app requires peculiar security compliance. Due to the knowledge we have already gained during five years in fintech, our development process is shorter, based on expertise – not intuition, and more efficient.

  • How much time does it take to release white-label wallet solution?

    It takes only 21 days for us to release a brand-new white-label digital wallet.

  • Can you develop a wallet mobile app?

    Yes, our team creates the best digital wallet app for android and the best digital wallet app for iPhone. The app operates smoothly on different devices.

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