Finhost + Railsr (Railsbank)

Finhost + Railsr (Railsbank)

Finhost platform allows to release your fully managed digital banking up to a few weeks without large investments significantly reducing development resources.
With Railsr you will be able to offer: holding balances in GBP, USD and EUR issuing bank account details, inter ledger transfers, FX, storing digital assets and payment schemas like UK local, SEPA, SWIFT, ACH.

Finhost + Railsr (Railsbank)


We included important modules to manage compliance and business in one place using the products offered by Railsr (Railsbank)

  • Ready white label mobile and web applications

    Use ready-made mobile (iOS/Android) and web applications which can be easily rebranded for your needs.

    Ready white label mobile and web applications
  • Convenient back office

    Experience the back-office platform that includes administration and compliance management tools. Custom features and integrations can be added on your request.

    Convenient back office
  • Extensive report and analytics system

    Understand the analytics behind your product and improve your service using sufficient reports.

    Extensive report and analytics system
  • Cloud server, durable to heavy loads

    Manage millions of users without system failures with a powerful cloud-based core banking platform based on AWS services.

    Cloud server, durable to heavy loads
  • Flexible limits and price lists

    Manage fees for all operations with our price lists as well as set advanced limits if needed.

    Flexible limits and price lists
  • Payment schemas

    Serve your customers with internal payments via phone number or payment rails like SWIFT, SEPA & ACH.

    Payment schemas
  • Fraud Detection

    Get a cloud-based banking software with various KYC providers integrated.

    Fraud Detection


  • You are going to implement a new neobank or digital wallet and serve individual or corporate types of users.

  • You already have your own non-fintech service in gaming, insurance, retail/eCommerce or other industry which require banking operations.

  • You have an idea to serve banking products to specific segment of audience.

  • You need eWallet mobile app to manage operations with cryptocurrencies like exchange between fiat and crypto.

  • You are building a loyalty program in your ecosystem to offer gifts or bonuses with bonus cards and accounts.

Configure mobile banking with your branding in a few minutes

Technologies we use

Simple in maintenance and powerful in performance tech stack

  • React based front-end side

    React.js & React Native frameworks are taken as a base for the clients applications.

  • AWS cloud based services

    AWS Cognito, API Gateway, SNS, SQS, Lambda, Step Functions, Event Bridge, DynamoDB, Aurora, QLDB.

  • Data storage tools

    For OLTP operations, we use DynamoDB. Aurora (Serverless V1 PostgreSQL) is used for OLAP and OLTP data processing. Each data operation is streamed into Data Lake (S3), where it can be collected and analysed using Athena + Glue with Amazon QuickSight. If necessary, Amazon Redshift can be connected.

  • API specification

    The platform provides OpenAPI 3 specification for all public endpoints as well as EventBridge schema registry.

  • Quality Assurance & Security

    Jest, WebdriverIO, JavaScript and Appium. AWS Security Hub, GuardDuty.

How to launch with us

  •  - 1

    Work with our team to learn how to benefit with Finhost.

  •  - 2

    Configure and brand the app with us, based on requirements, fees and limits.

  •  - 3

    Get your first digital banking app release and involve customers!


Embark On A Digital Bank Journey With Us!

We are happy to get in touch with you, make research of your needs, issues and configure an MVP to prove the concept or set a large enterprise banking solution. Furthermore, we are ready to talk and answer any questions you may have.


  • Can I connect my own mobile or web application to your platform?

    Yes, absolutely. We provide with REST API and appropriate documentation.

  • Is it possible to integrate with another KYC provider?

    Yes, if provider follows all necessary requirements we can easily integrate it.

  • Can you integrate another BaaS provider instead Railsr?

    Absolutely, our platform can work independently with Railsr as well as with other providers’ BaaS solutions or banks

  • Does your infrastructure allow to integrate a few BaaS providers in the same time, to use different products?

    Yes, our flexible ledger configurations allow to enable different products with different providers.

  • Can you extend your platform with custom functionality?

    We understand that our software covers only the basic needs, and every business has their own unique features, we are ready to provide you with team of experts to extend our version to your needs

  • Do you offer license services?

    We don’t offer or provide banking services on its own behalf, and we are not financial institution but we are fully focused on the tech part and all aspects connected to it.

  • How many currencies do you support?

    We are limited only by bank or BaaS provider we are integrating with, all currencies available with provider will be available with our platform.

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