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Digital Banking Services

Highload digital white-label banking platform that helps financial businesses to grow fast, scalable and reliable.

Our solution provides you with ready-made integrations with various financial providers to start offering payment rails, cards and other banking operations up to a month.

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New Generation In <br/> Digital Banking Services

Products & Solutions

Our flexible digital banking software contains following products:

  • Railsr (Railsbank)

    Together with Railsr we propose scalable, configurable, cost effective and easy maintainable, and serverless (cloud based) solution. With Railsr you will be able to offer:

    • Holding balances in GBPUSD and EUR
    • Internal ledger transfers
    • FX, storing digital assets
    • Payment schemas like UK local, SEPA, SWIFT and ACH

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  • Digital core banking software

    Our reliable bank ecosystem gives you the easiest way to manage data, be notified with any important event and monitor the whole system just in one click. You don't need to care about servers' capabilities to prevent system failures, so you can be focused on your business.

    • In-product CRM
    • Powerful analytics
    • Flexible fees and limits

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  • Corporate banking software

    Our digital banking system includes support individual and corporates. We have all necessary tools for corporates monitoring, including KYB verification

    • Reduce time-to-market
    • Avoid vendor lock-in
    • Personalize offerings
    • Harness the power of data science

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How it works

Streamline your fintech product development

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    Contact us

    Contact us, go through demo version, discuss the software modules you need for your system, work with our project manager to transfer your vision into our software.

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    Project initialisation

    Choose most suitable business model of cooperation with us. Set and configure your software on your side with our tech support team, prepare all for get.

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    Release the project, set all configurations and fees on operations you propose and other. Start monitoring your system.

Configure and install your own mobile banking app

Get started to offer your digital banking services

With our white-label solution up to a month

Our Digital Banking Solution

Built specifically for banking, our solutions seamlessly integrate with your customer-facing and backend systems giving your customers and bankers meaningful insights and recommendations when they matter most

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    Reports and analytics solution in banking

    Knowing end numbers is a key of success. That's why it is one of the most important modules we created. Get various reports according to your bank system in the easiest way.

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    Reconciliation in online banking

    Easy and smart solution to reconcile different providers in your system. Our tools will give you simple interface to manage reconciliation system.

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    Fees in digital banking

    The most important module in your system to get monetization. We created flexible way to set any set of fees you would need.

Our Benefits

  • Innovation

    With our “innovation first” culture, we don’t just win awards. We guarantee market-leading services to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Flexibility

    We offer various options for the usage of our system. Rent a system if you need to prove the concept. Buy a system if you want to expand the system.

  • Trust

    Our European-wide BaaS platform runs at 99.99% uptime with over 2m end-customers. Your business is in safe hands.

  • Reliability

    The system was developed to easily send and receive money, top-up airtime, make payments, receive salaries, etc. It's safe and secure.

  • Growth

    Our fully modular & scalable API-based platform means you can adapt services to your ever-changing needs. We grow with our clients.

  • Individual approach

    We offer not only a product but an individual approach to each client, We are open to discussing specific cases with you about your financial service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How many currencies do you support?

      We are limited only by bank or BaaS provider we are integrating with, all currencies available with provider will be available with our platform.

    • What does include your digital banking software?

      Authentication with FaceID / TouchID, P2P payments, fees, limit settings, expense management, UK local, SWIFT and SEPA transfers, card management, administration tools, etc.

    • Can I request your digital banking product demo?

      Yes, we’re here to help and answer any questions you might have.

    • Which technologies do you use?

      Front-end: React.js & React Native frameworks are taken as a base for the clients applications.
      Cloud(Serverless): AWS Cognito, API Gateway, SNS, SQS, Lambda, Step Functions, Event Bridge, DynamoDB, Aurora, QLDB.
      Data storage: For OLTP operations is used DynamoDB. Aurora (Serverless V1 PostgreSQL) is used for OLAP and OLTP data prossesing. Each operation with data is streamed into Data Like (S3) where it can be collected and analized (using Athena + Glue) with Amazon QuickSight. If it is necessary then Amazon Redshift can be connected.
      Quality Assurance: Jest, WebdriverIO, JavaScript and Appium.

    • Do you offer license services?

      We don’t offer or provide banking services on its own behalf, and we are not financial institution but we are fully focused on the tech part and all aspects connected to it.

    • Can you extend your platform with custom functionality?

      We understand that our software cover only basic needs, and every business has their own unique features, we are ready to provide you with team of experts to extend our version to your needs

    • Does your infrastructure allow to integrate a few BaaS providers in the same time, to use different products?

      Yes, our flexible ledger configurations allow to enable different products with different providers.

    • Is it possible to integrate with another KYC provider?

      Yes, if provider follow all necessary requirements we can easily integrate it.

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